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Nonton Film Undercover Blues (1993) Subtitle Indonesia Download Gratis

Undercover Blues (1993)

PG-13Genre: Comedy, Crime
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 90 MenitDilihat: 50 views
52 voting, rata-rata 6,2 dari 10

When fun-loving American agents Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner are called back from maternity leave for a special assignment in New Orleans, the spy parents decide to skip the sitter and give their bouncing baby girl the adventure of a lifetime. There’s nothing to the dumb story about a deadly arms dealer in the Louisiana Bayou, but you’d be hard put to find a friskier pair of doting parents.

Tagline: Intelligence runs in the family.
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Bahasa: English
Pendapatan: $ 12.416.686,00